Skin Care Treatments:
At Physicians Laser and Skin Care Center, we are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to accomplishing your goal. Whether you are concerned with aging or age spots, we strive to educate our patients in understanding the many misconceptions of the cosmeceutical industry. What separates Medical Esthetics from over-the-counter treatments is the dedication in years of study, double-blind clinical trials, and utilizing only the purest and best ingredients for proven efficacy. When you schedule a free consultation with our facility, you will be provided with the utmost in care from start to finish. A customized regimen will be designed to target your specific needs, and an in-office treatment program will be implemented so that you can achieve faster results. With all treatments from chemical peels to laser hair removal, it is important to know that medical skin care relies on a cumulative effect in your skin over a length of time. Like working out at the gym, you will continue to see results with regular visits. And just like exercise, response is based upon a variety of different treatments & an overall change in lifestyle at home.
What treatment is right for me?
We have many different treatments to target every skin ailment imaginable. Our Micropeels  are a good start for those that have acneic skin, rosacea, or sensitive skin. These are non-invasive chemical exfoliating treatments using Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, or Mandelic Acid that can be customized by the technician by layering the solutions, applying one solution on one area of the skin and using another solution on a different area, and so forth. Although every ingredient has a different purpose, the main goal is to manually manipulate your skin to recycle at a faster rate. As we age, this recycling process slows down and if we can assist the skin into increasing it's cell metabolism we can begin to correct our skin much faster, thus turning back the hands of time. These treatments are then followed by a custom facial mask & make-up application to promote faster healing of the skin. It is best to allow up to 60 minutes for this type of in-office treatment. You can schedule this type of visit every 3-4 weeks and package pricing is available upon request.
Our more assertive chemical treatments such as: Jessner's Peels, Vitalize Peels & Rejuvenize Peels do require 5-7 days of social downtime. These treatments are for those that suffer from melasma/hyperpigmentation (age spots), and oily skin. Designed to tighten, tone, and treat deeper wrinkles, these treatments are a nice compliment to our MicroPeel treatments to enhance your in-office visits and to expedite a visible improvement in the overall appearance of your skin. This type of treatment can be done once in a blue moon or as often as you wish. As you know, your skin is very unique and not one patient in our facility has the exact same skin profile. If you believe you are ready for this next step in treatments and are a good candidate, let us know during your next visit and we will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding pre and post peel care and what to expect during the process.
In-Office laser treatments designed for hair removal can be performed on any part of the body. Laser hair removal is very effective and requires 6-8 treatments 6 to 8 weeks apart for optimum results. Hair removal does not have any social downtime, but does require that you shave prior to your appointment. During your initial consultation, we will discuss with you the area you wish to treat and the guidelines we require to be sure that you are a good candidate. Hair grows in cycles, which is why it is imperative that multiple treatments are performed for maximum efficacy. Good candidates have darker/coarser hair and are committed to sticking with a treatment plan. Package pricing is available upon request.
Other laser services such as age spot removal, spider vein removal and skin resurfacing do have social downtime and may require more than one treatment. Laser treatments are a faster approach to correcting the skin, taking  much less time to see results in comparision to chemical peels. Many patients receive laser treatments to remove an age spot and then continue to receive in-office peels every 4 weeks for preventative maintenance.  Not all patients are a good candidate for laser treatments. A lot of factors play a role in assuring you see results with your skin and it is important that we factor in all of your medical history so as to enhance overall improvement in your skin. Many medications or health concerns can easily contradict your in-office laser treatments. During your initial consultation we will assist you further with the guidelines in meeting our criteria and go over your customized treatment plan in full detail so that you can continue to look your best.

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